Faith and Culture

More Christ: The Symbolism of Identity and Christian Orthodoxy

More Christ: Orthodoxy, African American Histories and Classical Education. 

African American Orthodox Christians

Incorporating Culture: Truth, Reconciliation and the Pathway to Peace

Faith-Based Social Enterprise

How to Create a Sustainable Social Enterprise, CCDA 2006

Sacred Space, Enterprise and Ethics

Sacred Space Enterprise Ethics


The Week: The Black voices missing from the “parents’ rights” debate. 

Chalkboard Review: Teacher’s Lounge

Choice Media TV



Environmental Stewardship/Creation Care

The Week: How the Last 20 years changed what Americans eat.




Kemi Tea Company (TranquiliTea)

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Organics, Family Farming, Food Labeling

Creator of #MomsandBrands Twitter Parties



Child Advocacy

(Executive Producer)

The Radio Mom Show with Kemi Ingram  (Producer/Host)


The Radio Mom Show Interview Archives

Melissa (Caldwell) Henson, Parent’s Television Council

John Foraker, CEO of Annie’s

Jay Borneman, CEO of Hyland’s

Senator, Lisa Brown (Washington)

Erline Brown, Domestic Workers United

Susan Bissell, UNICEF

Diane McEachern, Big Green Purse

Amy Hemmert, Laptop Lunches

Kattie (Somerfeld) Rogers, Lutheran World Relief

Nancy McBride, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Joan Blades, Co-Founder of Momsrising.org

Carol Brunson Day, National Black Child Development Institute

Alfie Kohn, Author/Educator

Thomas Armstrong Ph.D., American Institute for Learning and Human Development

Sue Stepleton, Parents As Teachers

Dr. Lois Lee, Children of the Night

Tereson Dupuy, FuzziBunz

Roland Warren, National Fatherhood Initiative

Rebecca Magalhaes, World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action

Evie Curley, Unschooling Family

Jill Shook, Housing Activist

SOS Children’s Villages

Lysa Parker, Co-Founder of Attachment Parenting International

Sarah Lee, Sarah’s Silks

Sally Greenberg, National Consumers Association

Juliana Forbes, Mothers Acting Up

Ten Thousand Villages

Frances Carrington, Eternal Creation

Dee Dee Jackson, Mocha Moms

Clayborne Carson, Martin Luther King  Jr. Research and Education Institute

Chris Page, Cards From Africa

Mary-Alice Moore, Scholastic

Nancy Massotto, Holistic Moms Network

Bama Athreya, International Labor Rights Forum

Mandy Ray Jones, Artsy Mamas

Elliott Barker, Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

Sarah Butler, Save the Children

Women’s Prison Association

Kristin Johnson, Global Mamas

Dr. Robert Fathman, President of the Center for Effective Discipline

Alexis Baden Mayer, Organic Consumers Association

Deena Goldman, Slow Food

Jill Starishevsky, Author/Assistant District Attorney, New York

Beth Butler, Boca Beth

Pasadena Education Network

Robin Gorman Newman, Motherhood Later Than Sooner

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